We are the world’s largest dry-mill ethanol production facility located in Hennepin, IL and we are now also producing gel and liquid hand sanitizer. 

Our products are FDA registered and formulated by laboratory professionals in strict accordance with WHO guidelines.

Marquis XT hand sanitizer is made and manufactured entirely in the United States and we have IMMEDIATE and ongoing availability for bulk orders of various bottle sizes.

Gel hand sanitizer is now in stock and ready to ship!

2oz-gel-web-2.jpg 2oz gel bottles  Packaged 24 bottles per case; 360 cases per pallet.
12oz-gel-web-2.jpg 12oz gel bottles  Packaged 40 bottles per case; 40 cases per pallet.
1gal-gel-web2.jpg 1 gallon gel jugs  Packaged 4 jugs per case; 45 cases per pallet.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer - 80% Alcohol World Health Organization Formulation:


16oz liquid bottles  Packaged 24 bottles per case; 56 cases per pallet.


1 gallon liquid jugs  Packaged 4 bottles per case; 45 cases per pallet.

White Labeling Options:  We offer white labeling - We can apply your logo or your entire label to our hand sanitizer products.


Please call us at 888-925-7311, email sales@marquisxt.com or fill out the form below to be connected to a sales associate on bulk quantity discounts and white labeling opportunities.

Click here to view the Marquis XT Liquid Hand Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet.

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